What a unique way to own a legendary NSU RO80.  See and hear the magnificant sound of the twin WANKEL engine. This is the project that you are looking for. An original car and complete car.

The NSU Ro 80 is a four-door, front-engine sedan manufactured and marketed by the West German firm NSU from 1967 until 1977.[1]

Noted for innovative, aerodynamic styling by Claus Luthe and a technologically advanced powertrain, the Ro 80 featured a 84 kW (113 bhp), 995 cc twin-rotor Wankel engine driving the front wheels through a semi-automatic transmission with an innovative vacuum operated clutch system. Engine dimensions (Comotor units): length 16.22 in. -412 mm; width 13.5 in. -340 mm, height 13.5 in. -340 mm, weight 223 pounds -101 kg. Power: 107 HP at 6’500 rpm; torque: 14 mKg at 3.000 rpm (all figures approximate).

The Ro 80 was voted Car of the Year for 1968 and 37,398 units were manufactured over a ten-year production run, all in a single generation.